Carin Yasli

Data Science Student at Merrimack

Carin M. Yasli graduated from Merrimack College with a Master of Science in Data Science, March 2019. She is a technically astute and results driven Data Scientist offering cross-functional and transferable skills that have been developed, refined and successfully leveraged in healthcare and transportation settings. Carin has a track-record for her innovative contributions to continuously improve the outcomes of patient care. She pioneered processes, still currently in use, to improve cost saving initiatives, quality patient care, and electronic health record use through her training programs for physician organizations and medical practices by demonstrating monthly, quarterly and yearly need trends using data analysis and visualization. Carin also designed practice improvement plans needed to carry out the new processes. Carin is always looking for process plans which include the “big picture” so the plan initiatives have a higher success rate long-term.

In addition to her own career, Carin co-owns a small business with her husband which they have been successfully running since 2007.

Amanda Fabrizio

Data Science Student at Merrimack

Amanda Fabrizio is currently enrolled in the Data Science Master’s Program at Merrimack College with an expected graduation date in August of 2019. In 2017 she received her Bachelor of Science in Forensic Chemistry from The University of Mississippi where she completed both an internship with The Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as a computation research project regarding synthetic cannabinoids. Her research project involved analyzing the interactions between several synthetic cannabinoid structures and the brain’s CB1 receptor model in order to predict potential new cannabinoid formulations before they reached the market. Her research introduced her to the idea of applying chemistry outside of a lab setting, leading her in the direction of pursuing a degree in Data Science. Her interests include the application of analytics and data science in the pharmaceutical, chemical forensics, and healthcare industries.

joe siddons

Joe Siddons

Data Science Student at Merrimack

Having worked as an analyst in the military for 8 years, I knew that I wanted to continue to work with data as a civilian. Merrimack’s Data Science program allowed me to update my technical skill set and gain a deeper understanding of analytics, all while transitioning out of the military into a new career path. Merrimack’s Data Science program continues to be invaluable in my new career working on Institutional Research in Higher Ed, where my new competencies allow my team and I to engage with growing data in meaningful ways.