Dr. Larry Medsker Appointed Program Lead and Sr. Consultant for Data Science and Analytics at Merrimack College

Delivering on the commitment to helping students achieve a competitive edge in the fields of Data Science and Analytics, Merrimack College is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Larry Medsker as Program Lead and Sr. Consultant for Data Science and Analytics at Merrimack College.

Dr. Medsker brings more than 30 years of experience shaping cutting edge research on the impact data and analytical systems have had in areas including artificial intelligence, hybrid intelligent systems, and human technology support systems. His work in academia, industry and government settings includes leading the data science programs at both George Washington University and American University, as well as authoring four books, and more than 100 articles in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Physics. Dr. Medsker is also committed to his work on several grants that aim to improve graduation rates for STEM majors, focusing on women and other under-represented students.

“As we continue to see Data Science move to the forefront of critical business needs, and become a driving force behind business decision making, it is vital that we educate and prepare a growing workforce to be able to meet the skills demand and contribute to the field,” added Medsker. “My role with Merrimack College will allow me to shape an already highly successful master’s program, and further the mission to expand the skillsets of tomorrow’s leaders.”

Students at Merrimack College can look forward to learning more from Dr. Medsker’s extensive experience and leadership as they progress through the Data Science, Business Analytics, and Healthcare Analytics Master’s programs.

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